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Asbestos not only toxic materials that can lead to cancer

While asbestos exposure is a common cause of cancer in Ohio, it's sadly not the only one. There are other toxic materials that can lead to the development of serious or even fatal illnesses. In another state, a former railroad conductor and brakeman has filed a lawsuit alleging that his employers' negligence led to his development of kidney cancer through exposure to toxic substances.

Product liability complaint claims pain cream resulted in burns

Imagine purchasing and using an over-the-counter health product from an Ohio drug store or retailer, only to end up suffering injuries far worse even than the condition that initially led the individual to buy the product. This upsetting scenario is allegedly what occurred in another state, resulting in pain, damage and eventual partial amputation. The injured man has filed a product liability lawsuit against the company he alleges is responsible.

Allegedly defective eclipse glasses spur product liability suit

When Ohio consumers purchase a product, most of them likely don't consider how it might injure them. This is especially true when the product is purchased from a trusted global retailer and used according to its intended purpose. In another state, however, a couple recently filed a product liability complaint against the online retailer alleging one of their products caused significant physical harm.

Product liability suit alleges scooter caused serious injury

When Ohio parents purchase a product intended for children, they have the right to assume that product is safe. All consumers should be able to feel secure in the products they purchase, of course, but this is often even more important when children's safety may be at risk. In another state, a couple recently filed a product liability lawsuit when a company allegedly failed to do just that.

Childhood exposure to toxic materials may lead to cancer later

Whether in Ohio or anywhere across the country, it's far from unusual to find children playing outdoors. Many kids spend their days year-round running around in the woods, often near lakes and streams. Imagine the horror of discovering that all that time a child was getting fresh air and exercise, he or she was also being exposed to toxic materials.

Pharmaceutical litigation case over young girl's drug injuries

When it comes to prescription medication, most people are unable to tell the difference between one type of drug and another, and they shouldn't have to. That's the job of pharmacists, not the average Ohio resident. In another state, though, a CVS pharmacy allegedly made a medication error that has led to a pharmaceutical litigation case after a young girl suffered serious prescription drug injuries.

Toxic materials in school lunch allegedly sent girl to hospital

During a typical school day, most Ohio middle school students' thoughts are likely on their classwork or their social lives. One thing they are probably not thinking of is the chance that their school-provided lunch might contain toxic materials. In another state, however, this appears to be exactly what occurred.

Man files product liability suit after e-cig causes severe burns

Many Ohio residents are likely at least familiar with e-cigarettes; in fact, some may be vapers themselves. While manufacturers say the devices are intended to provide a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, there is little federal regulation so far. Unfortunately, this also means that there isn't much oversight into safety protocols surrounding the devices and their component parts, and some are finding this translates into hazardous occurrences that leave users injured, as is the complaint in a recently filed product liability suit.

Study finds hair dyes contain potentially hazardous materials

Many Ohio consumers use a vast variety of beauty and hygiene products on a daily basis. Alarmingly, a recent study reveals that a number of these products may contain hazardous materials. In fact, the data reveals a possible link between hair dye and breast cancer.

Product liability suit alleges dangerous medical device design

Ohio patients who go in for surgery place their trust in the medical system to make their health better, not worse. A recently filed product liability lawsuit in another state alleges that a medical device did just that, however. A patient is seeking justice and compensation after a surgically implanted Celect® Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filter (IVC Filter) injured him.

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