Xarelto lawsuit alleges life threatening bleed out side effect

Manufacturer accused of hiding dangers of its popular drug

The popular blood thinning drug, Xarelto, is the subject of multiple lawsuits against its manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson's Janssen unit, after the drug was implicated in a number of deaths, according to Lawyers and Settlements. The drug, unlike its predecessor blood thinner, has the potential to cause bleedouts that have no known antidote. The lawsuits, which continue to mount, claim that Janssen misled the public about the dangers of its drug in order to bolster profits and win FDA approval.

Irreversible bleed out

Xarelto was designed to be a so-called blockbuster drug for its manufacturer because it largely achieves what its predecessor, Coumadin, promises, but without constant monitoring or dietary restrictions. Coumadin is another blood thinning drug that allows the blood to flow freely through the veins, which tends to be especially important for the elderly.

Coumadin, however, requires constant monitoring in order to prevent hemorrhaging. However, hemorrhaging on Coumadin does have an antidote: vitamin K. Xarelto is accused of causing bleedouts which thus far have no known antidote, thus putting patients at risk of irreversible bleeding and death. A number of such deaths have already been attributed to the drug.

Lawsuits filed

Numerous lawsuits have now been filed by patients and by family members of loved ones who passed away because of Xarelto bleedouts. The lawsuits, which may yet be consolidated, accuse Janssen of withholding information from the public about the risks associated with Xarelto, especially the lack of an antidote for when bleeding occurs. Xarelto has been particularly profitable for Janssen, generating over $1 billion in revenue so far. The lawsuits allege that Janssen marketed directly to consumers and maliciously withheld vital information about the product in an effort to boost profits.

Xarelto's problems have not stopped there, however. According to Drug Watch, Johnson & Johnson recently recalled 13,500 bottles of the drug because of microbial contamination that occurred at one of its Puerto Rican facilities. So far, the contamination appears to be unrelated to the lawsuits related to Xarelto bleedouts.

Xarelto victims

Pharmaceutical companies are placed in a position of extreme trust by the public when they release and market their products. Patients expect drugs that are prescribed to them to help make them better, not potentially threaten their lives. Unfortunately, sometimes pharmaceutical companies may put profits ahead of patient safety.

Anybody who has been injured by using Xarelto or whose loved one has passed away because of Xarelto should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. It is important for such victims to understand what their legal options are pertaining to Xarelto and, hopefully, hold the manufacturers of any such dangerous products accountable so that other patients do not suffer similar tragic fates.