$17 Million Verdict in a Mesothelioma Lawsuit Against Georgia Pacific

James L. Ferraro, founder of Kelley & Ferraro LLP and founder and shareholder of The Ferraro Law Firm, received a $17 million verdict last week in a mesothelioma lawsuit against Georgia Pacific.

A Florida state court jury slammed Koch Industries Inc.-owned Georgia-Pacific LLC with a $17 million verdict in an asbestos lawsuit, finding that a construction worker's cancer was caused by exposure to the deadly mineral in the company's joint compound.

The jury reached its verdict on August 13, a day after the 8 day trial concluded. They awarded plaintiff Roy Taylor, whose doctor testified, that he could die within a year, $13 million and his wife Suzanne $4 million.

Taylor claimed he developed mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer affecting the lungs that has been linked to asbestos inhalation, from working as a painting supervisor for Raytheon in Saudi Arabia in the late 1970's.

The $17 million verdict follows a $20 million verdict in a case filed against Honeywell International, Inc., by Kelley & Ferraro, LLP a little over a month ago.