Cleveland Personal Injury and Vehicle Accidents Attorney

An Emphasis on the Individual

Kelley & Ferraro handles a wide range of personal injury lawsuits, including automobile accidents. The lawyers of Kelley & Ferraro settle some of these cases and take others to trial. Sometimes the cases are against third-party tortfeasors or their insurance companies, and sometimes they are against Kelley & Ferraro's client's own insurance carrier.

Kelley & Ferraro's lawyers analyze the facts of each case and work to seek available insurance coverage dollars or other avenues of recovery for their clients to compensate them for their injuries.

Kelley & Ferraro's personal injury trial lawyers represent each client individually and have handled cases involving a number of different accident scenarios and injuries:

Someone injured in an auto accident should not allow insurance companies to compromise his or her rights. The insurance companies have claims managers and lawyers. An injury victim may want to at least consult with a lawyer before attempting to settle with an insurance company.