Gastrointestinal Bleeding Caused By Xarelto?

Xarelto/rivaroxaban is a newer class of blood-thinner medication that is prescribed for conditions ranging from blood clots to strokes and atrial fibrillation. While marketed as more convenient than older blood thinners because it has fewer restrictions, many people have experienced serious or fatal side effects, including bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract and stomach.

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The Dangers Of Xarelto And Irreversible Bleeding

Xarelto is a type of drug called a novel oral anticoagulant. Xarelto and similar medications were created as options for people who were prescribed blood thinners such as Warfarin/Coumadin. One of the advertised benefits of Xarelto was that patients did not need routine monitoring from their doctors while taking it.

Unfortunately, Xarelto has caused serious hazards in some patients. One of the dangers of Xarelto/rivaroxaban is severe internal bleeding, including gastrointestinal bleeding. Because there is currently no antidote for the irreversible bleeding caused by Xarelto, it can be fatal.

Elderly people may be at a greater risk for injury when taking Xarelto. One study reports that the risk of GI bleeding in patients taking Xarelto instead of Warfarin is greater for patients over age 65.

However, regardless of your age, our attorneys can review your case and discuss your options with you.

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