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Seeking Fair Compensation for the Unfairly Afflicted

Kelley & Ferraro attorneys have represented clients in numerous lawsuits related to hazardous and toxic materials. In addition to asbestos, other suits are being filed on behalf of workers exposed to silica and fumes from welding rods.

Those injured may have a right to compensation if their injury is a result of exposure to a hazardous or toxic material such as fumes from welding rods. In fact, state and federal laws provide consumers with remedies for dangerous materials that cause personal injuries.

Some of Kelley & Ferraro's clients — workers who handled silica-containing products — have contracted silicosis, an occupational disease caused by exposure to free silica, and a variety of related diseases, including tuberculosis, chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease and cancer.

Ohio Hazardous and Toxic Materials Attorneys

Our trial lawyers have filed lawsuits on behalf of hundreds of workers against more than 70 companies throughout the United States that mined, manufactured, marketed, distributed and installed silica and/or silica-containing products. Also among the defendants in the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court case are makers and suppliers of safety equipment that was defective and did not prevent silica-related diseases.

Other Kelley & Ferraro clients who were exposed to fumes from welding rods containing manganese have suffered a wide range of neurological problems. Manganese poisoning or manganism has symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease. Such symptoms can include tremors, abnormal balance and memory loss, slow and decreased movement, lack of facial expressions, speech disturbance and psychological disturbance. Many times these symptoms occur before age 50. Individuals in a variety of trades and occupations who worked in, with or near welding rods are at risk for manganese poisoning.

In 2004, Kelley & Ferraro attorneys filed suits against manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of welding rods in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court in Cleveland, Ohio, on behalf of clients suffering from manganism due to fumes from welding rods.