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Mesothelioma Cases In Louisiana

The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. The vast majority of people who have been exposed to asbestos had this misfortune as a direct result of work activities or conditions. In many cases, asbestos exposure took place long ago.

Work History As A Way Of Determining When And Where Exposure Occurred

Mesothelioma can take many years to develop after the time of exposure to asbestos. Therefore, a large part of an effort to recover compensation for a mesothelioma victim is the task of determining when and where the person could have been exposed to asbestos.

A review of a person’s work history is critical to finding out how asbestos exposure occurred. In Louisiana, job sites posing risks of exposure to asbestos may include oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, chemical processing plants, shipping facilities, manufacturing plants and hospitals, to name a few.

A current-day resident of Louisiana may have been exposed to asbestos while working in other states or overseas, including in the military. Many people who have become ill with mesothelioma are able to identify workplaces they have worked in throughout their lives. Research into past mesothelioma cases originating at various job sites can pinpoint where an ill person was most likely exposed to asbestos.

Secondhand Exposure To Asbestos

Secondhand exposure to asbestos (perhaps brought home in a spouse’s hair or clothing, for example) is also a known cause of mesothelioma. Even if your spouse is no longer living, and you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it may be possible to trace the source of the asbestos by reviewing your late spouse’s work history. This information can open the door to compensation for your losses.

Asbestos Exposure And Mesothelioma Cases In Louisiana

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If you or your loved one now faces the challenge of battling mesothelioma because a past employer or responsible company did not take reasonable steps to protect you from exposure to asbestos, contact an experienced plaintiff’s lawyer with experience in this area of the law. Kelley Ferraro, LLC, has helped numerous clients and their family members recover compensation for injury and loss due to asbestos exposure resulting in mesothelioma.

We also file wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of surviving family members of individuals who have already died of mesothelioma.

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