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Mesothelioma Cases In North Carolina

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestosis-related disease in North Carolina, mesothelioma lawyers at Kelley Ferraro, LLC, understand all too well what you and your family now face. Medical bills, ongoing illness, time lost from work and an uncertain future are all devastating aspects of a mesothelioma diagnosis. You need the best medical care available to maintain a quality of life in the face of this disease with no known cure. You also need legal counsel to guide you in preparing to recover compensation from responsible parties, including manufacturers and companies that knowingly put you in harm’s way.

Mesothelioma Is A Slowly Progressive Disease, Often Developing Decades After Asbestos Exposure

Since at least the 1930s, the hazards of asbestos exposure became widely known through medical and industrial literature. In spite of the growing awareness of the dangers, many organizations continued to put workers and others at risk. Mesothelioma is a very slowly developing rare form of cancer, in many cases. You may not have discovered you are affected until decades after you were first exposed. Once you have received a clear diagnosis, however, there is a window of time when you can pursue help by legal means, to help your family cope with the consequences of this deadly disease.

Serving Clients In North Carolina, Mesothelioma Lawyers At Kelley Ferraro, LLC, Offer Hope To Sufferers And Their Families

Kelley Ferraro, LLC, accepts mesothelioma cases in North Carolina and nationwide. Our attorneys have recovered over $1 billion for asbestos and mesothelioma clients throughout the United States. We are prepared to evaluate your case at no charge and direct you in how to prepare a lawsuit. If we represent you, we will do so on a contingency fee basis. This means you will pay no legal fees until and unless we recover compensation for you.

A first step in your North Carolina mesothelioma injury claim or lawsuit will be to determine where you were most likely exposed to asbestos. Comparing your work history with documentation of known asbestos-riddled job sites in North Carolina may help us pinpoint when and where your asbestos exposure probably occurred. You may have been a secondhand asbestos exposure victim by way of your spouse or parent (husband, wife, father or mother) who brought asbestos fibers home on his or her clothing or in his or her hair.

Contact us if you or your spouse or parent worked in a tobacco product factory, a textile production facility, an electronic equipment manufacturing plant, a furniture factory, a rubber or plastic product factory, a school, a hospital or an office building in the Tar Heel State. You may have lived or worked in Eden, High Point, Thomasville, Hickory, Statesville, Charlotte or elsewhere in North Carolina. You may have been exposed to asbestos while overseas in the military have being deployed from a North Carolina military base.

We also file wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of surviving family members of individuals who have already died of mesothelioma.

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