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Mesothelioma Cases In South Carolina

There is hope for people suffering from mesothelioma in Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston, Rock Hill, Mount Pleasant, Greenville or anywhere in South Carolina. Kelley Ferraro, LLC, represents South Carolina residents and others who have become ill with mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure.

We work with patients and their families throughout the United States, helping them obtain compensation needed to pay for medical expenses, make up for lost wages, account for pain and suffering, and plan for end-of-life costs and losses to families beyond the life span of the mesothelioma victim. Our attorneys have recovered over $1 billion for asbestos and mesothelioma clients throughout the United States.

If our law firm represents you in your mesothelioma case in South Carolina, we will begin by reviewing your work history. We will want to know if you have spent large amounts of time in hazardous job sites in South Carolina.

When And Where Were You Exposed To Asbestos In South Carolina?

Documentation of job sites known to have been contaminated with asbestos products allows us to determine when and where someone was probably exposed to this dangerous substance at a construction site, in an office building, in a leisure or hospitality establishment such as a hotel, resort or casino; in a manufacturing plant, in a retail store warehouse, in a government building, in a school or in a hospital.

Once we determine where your asbestos exposure probably occurred, we can begin building a case for compensation for your expenses and losses. For best results, contact us as soon as you can after you have become aware that you are suffering from mesothelioma. It doesn’t matter if you begin your case years or decades after you were exposed to asbestos. What matters is whether you file a claim in a timely manner after you learn that you have mesothelioma. Asbestos exposure is the only known cause of this disease.

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