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Issues with EpiPens prompt FDA alert

Ohio residents with severe allergies rely on the epinephrine auto-injectors they carry at all times for relief in an emergency. Those who use the EpiPen 0.3mg or EpiPen Jr 0.15mg manufactured by Pfizer should know that the Food and Drug Administration recently issued an alert regarding the products. The FDA alert also applies to the authorized generic versions of these name brand products.

Pfizer, Inc. and Mylan, Inc. recently sent a letter alerting health care professionals, caregivers and patients that the products in question may not function properly when needed. This could put patients' lives in danger since these devices are most often used in severe and life-threatening situations. It appears at least three problems with the devices exist that could cause them to fail.

What does mesothelioma actually do to the body?

The results of exposure to asbestos may not appear for several decades. Ohio residents exposed to this toxic substance unfortunately have to live with not knowing whether they will suffer from the rare and deadly cancer that most often results from it -- mesothelioma. People may know that it exists, but they may not really know what it does to the human body.

When an individual inhales asbestos dust or fibers, they get down into the lungs' smallest airways. The resulting irritation begins to cause damage and inflammation to the cells in the lining of the lungs, which is called pleura. The DNA of the cells mutates, and the abnormal cells multiply out-of-control. The majority of mesothelioma cases result in cancer in the lungs, but other areas of the body with a similar lining could also become cancerous just not as often.

Cancer isn't the only concern in Roundup litigation

Spring is upon us and many parts of the country are already experiencing at least some spring-like temperatures, including some days here in Ohio. For many people, this means getting their yards and gardens ready for summer. Getting rid of weeds and other yard and garden issues could mean using a pesticide such as Roundup. People may be aware that it can cause certain types of cancer, but that does not mean the focus of all Roundup litigation concerns only that health malady.

Glysophate, which is the active ingredient in this pesticide, has also been known to contribute to other health issues suffered by individuals. For instance, some studies have linked birth defects its use through the disruption of vitamin A production that is essential to fetal development. Individuals who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease could link it back to Roundup as well.

Ranitidine recalls continue, but don't get the press they need

Along with everyone else in the country, Ohio residents have bigger concerns than what is happening with heartburn medications. However, it is still important to keep up to date on ranitidine recalls, especially for those who are having issues due to stress. Some people may be surprised to learn that testing and the investigation into the presence of N-Nitrosodimethylamine, or NDMA, continues regardless of what else may be going on right now.

As a result of the ongoing investigation, yet another manufacturer is recalling medications containing ranitidine due to excessive levels of NDMA. American Health Packaging recently issued a voluntary recall of certain lots of its heartburn medication when testing revealed elevated levels of this probably human carcinogen. Many Ohio residents will recall that high levels of this chemical can lead to a variety of cancers.

Did landlord improperly dispose of asbestos during abatement?

With all of the other issues confronting Ohio residents right now, the last thing they should have to worry about is contracting a disease called mesothelioma. This often-lethal cancer occurs almost exclusively due to exposure to asbestos. Many of the older buildings here and across the country contain materials made with this toxic substance that are not necessarily dangerous unless the materials are disturbed in some way such as during a demolition or renovation.

If a property owner is overseeing renovations in a building and asbestos is discovered, all work should halt in order to take the proper precautions to protect those in the building, remove it and dispose of it. A tenant in an office building in another state claims that the property owner failed to properly dispose of the asbestos found in the offices. After obtaining this information, the tenant moved out of the building.

FDA continues to find nitrosamines in popular medications

Undoubtedly, a lot is going on across the country right now, and Ohio cannot escape it either. In the midst of it all, it would likely be a mistake to forget about other pressing issues, such as the presence of nitrosamines in popular medications. The Food and Drug Administration continues to find these chemicals in medications, including N-Nitrosodimethylamine, known as NDMA, which is now being linked to certain cancers. 

The investigations conducted to this point reveal that the nitrosamines result from chemical reactions that occur during the manufacturing process of the affected medications. Right now only NDMA is "possibly" linked to cancer in patients. Others are not yet included as probable human carcinogens.

Issues with valsartan continue despite investigations and recalls

High blood pressure and heart failure threaten the lives of numerous people here in Ohio and across the country. Unfortunately, some of the most prescribed medications for these conditions include valsartan as an ingredient, which became the subject of recalls in 2018 after it was discovered it contained an impurity identified as a probable human carcinogen. After more than a year since manufacturers began recalling medication containing this ingredient, the Food and Drug Administration is still discovering faulty manufacturing processes.

Amid growing concerns about the presence of NDMA in medications containing valsartan and other ingredients, the public may have trouble trusting in the prescription and over the counter drugs out there, and it appears the FDA may agree. The investigation into the presence of this impurity in high blood pressure ad heart failure medications remained ongoing by the FDA as of Nov. 2019. In fact, the agency's investigation even crosses oceans.

Local cop hired Kelley & Ferraro to battle Zantac makers

19 news medical alert.png

There was no reason a local police officer should have had cancer. Michael Konn was only 37 years old, had never smoked and was healthy, with no family history of cancer. His bladder cancer diagnosis took everyone by surprise.

Then, he heard about the Zantac recall. Zantac is a common medication that has been used for decades to treat heartburn. Last year, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) reported that Zantac and ranitidine (the generic form of the drug) contain a cancer-causing substance. As a result, drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies began mass recalls of the drug.

Judge consolidates Zantac claims: What does it mean for victims?

Multiple consumers of Zantac, a popular heartburn relief medication, have filed claims against the drug manufacturers claiming use of the medication led to the development of cancer. In February, The Judicial Panel for Multi District Litigation assigned all of the cases across the country to Judge Rosenberg in the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in Palm Beach.

Multidistrict litgation (MDL) is different from class action lawsuits. There are many differences between the two types of lawsuits, but basically, class action lawsuits involve a single claim filed by several people, while MDLs involve multiple, separate claims. As a result, victims in a class action lawsuit generally receive similar settlements while those in an MDL are likely to receive settlements that vary based on the details of their injuries.

Should the Food and Drug Administration recall Metformin?

Numerous prescription and over the counter medications have been recalled due to the presence of a probable human carcinogen called N-Nitrosodimethylamine and referred to as NDMA. The recalls began with valsartan and losartan, which are popular blood pressure medications, and then expanded to over the counter heartburn medications including Zantac and its generic equivalent ranitidine. Now, Valisure, a online pharmacy, is asking the Food and Drug Administration to recall metformin, a widely used diabetes drug.

Metformin helps control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, and the odds are that a large number of Ohio residents who suffer from this condition take this medication. Recently, the FDA conducted testing on batches of metformin and did not find levels of NDMA above the recommended limit. Therefore, the agency did not recall any of the medication.

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