Estate of Irish tourist sues Marriott International

by | Nov 8, 2012 | Wrongful Death

The special administrator for a deceased Irish tourist has brought a wrongful death lawsuit against Marriott International Inc. The lawsuit, filed in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, claims that the JW Marriot Hotel in downtown Chicago was responsible for infecting the tourist with Legionnaires disease during a visit in July. According to the complaint, he ingested “dangerous aerosolized water vapor contaminated with Legionella bacteria” which ultimately lead to his death. The bacteria were apparently found in a fountain in the hotel lobby and was removed after other patrons were infected.

Wrongful death lawsuits are brought to hold parties accountable for negligent acts that lead to a person’s death. They are commonly brought by the deceased’s family or estate.

The lawsuit claims that the hotel failed to take appropriate measures to maintain the fountain and ensure that it was bacteria free. The suit also claims that Marriott did not keep proper water temperatures or biocide levels that would have prevented the tourist from being sickened by the fountain.

Further, the hotel is accused of failing to warn patrons of the potential dangers, and that it should have known that these issues could compromise the safety of hotel guests. The Chicago Department of Public Health conducted tests of the hotel’s pool, whirlpool and spa, as well as the men’s and women’s locker rooms. It reportedly found similar strains of bacteria that were found in the lobby fountain.

The suit requests monetary damages for pain and suffering the tourist endured after contracting the disease, as well as for various medical expenses prior to his passing.

Source:, Wrongful death lawsuit filed against Marriott International, November 2, 2012


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