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April 2013 Archives

Driver in bus crash may have blacked out

A bus accident in North Texas lead to tragedy as three lives were lost in the crash. What appears to be even more troubling is how the evidence is revealing the cause of the accident. According to an initial report by the Texas Department of Public Safety, no mechanical defects or irregularities were found with the bus. Rather the crash was due in large part to the driver's inability to maintain lane position, and that he lost consciousness while behind the wheel.

Pool of jurors for Michael Jackson wrongful death case grows

High profile lawsuits are handled very carefully. This is especially true when celebrities are involved. This is why it is no surprise that the potential jury pool in the wrongful death lawsuit involving pop singer Michael Jackson's estate and concert promoter AEG Live has garnered so much attention. According to an ABC News report, the court has qualified 81 potential jurors to serve on the case.

Asbestos Awareness Week focuses on prevention

Asbestos use in building materials, brake pads and other industrial products has declined steadily since the 1970's. From its peak in 1973 (where more than 800,000 metric tons were used) only 1,180 metric tons of asbestos were used in 2011. Nevertheless, the number of illnesses, particularly mesothelioma, has not been abated.

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