2 killed in Ohio vehicle accidents after 18-wheeler fails to stop

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An 18-wheeler failing to stop for construction zone traffic sparked a chain-reaction crash that killed two people and set the road ablaze. Police said that the seven vehicle accident was caused when a semi truck smashed into a car and another big rig. The second 18-wheeler hit a third, and the third semi hit three vehicles that were stopped in front of it. The two people killed in the crash were identified by police as truck drivers.

The fiery crash closed a section of Interstate 75 for several hours as it was investigated and then cleaned up. Some lanes of the highway remained closed during the morning rush hour. Police said that a woman who was in the first car struck in the initial collision was transported to a local hospital. Her injuries were not considered to be life-threatening.

In 2009, statistics show that 3,380 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks. The death toll included 1,930 people who were driving other vehicles at the time of the accident and 621 passengers in those vehicles. A further 74,000 people were injured in large truck wrecks, with 66,000 of those victims driving or riding in vehicles other than the truck.

Vehicle accidents can cause personal injury or even death. A Cleveland car accident lawyer may be able to help those affected by an accident involving a truck or other vehicle. Such assistance may be in arranging compensation for medical costs, burial expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages. An attorney may play a role in a family achieving closure following a serious injury or death, and help start them on the road to healing.

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