Dietary supplement recalled for suspected undeclared ingredient

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2013 | Products Liability

Ohio residents using HYDRAVAX should take note of a voluntary recall of the dietary supplement. The product recall involves all bottles containing 45 capsules. Testing of samples indicated that an undeclared diuretic was present in the product, and the labeling of the bottles may be incorrect.

Diuretics are prescription drugs and pose several risks to those taking them without knowing. Users may suffer from electrolyte imbalances because of water loss. Additionally, nausea, vomiting, fever, flushed face, weakness and hypotension may result from use. An overdose could lead to dehydration, irritation of the gastrointestinal system and other issues. Unusual side-effects or symptoms require that an individual using the supplement seek medical help right away.

Although there have not been any consumer complaints related to this issue, it is important for consumers who have taken any of the product from the lot to discontinue use and take note of adverse reactions. It may be difficult to bring the issue to the attention of all users possessing containers from this batch because the supplement is an over-the-counter product. Additionally, the product was available nationally and through mail order, which may make it difficult to track all sales. The company has halted production as it searches for the source of the ingredient.

Individuals using over-the-counter products may need to pay close attention to recall information. Additionally, taking note of unusual symptoms may help users provide complete information about supplements and medications when seeking medical help. Consumer injuries or death could result in extreme cases, and honest communication with a medical professional could help in pinpointing the source of trouble. If such damages occur, the manufacturer may face product liability lawsuits and might be ordered to provide compensation to the injured by a civil court.

Source: FDA, “IQ Formulations Issues a Voluntary Recall of HYDRAVAX Dietary Supplement Due to Possible Undeclared Ingredient “, November 29, 2013


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