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Second try at recall affects thousands of car owners

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2014 | Products Liability

Ohio drivers should be aware of a recall that could affect the acceleration of thousands of vehicles. This is the second attempt at the recall after a supplier provided defective parts the first time.

Last year, automaker Aston Martin discovered an issue with the throttle pedal arm used in their 2012 Virage, 2011-12 V12 Vantage and 2011-14 V8 Vantage S models, among others. The arm was prone to breaking, which would put the vehicle in idle mode and prevent acceleration. With a high potential for injury if not fixed, Aston Martin instituted a recall of nearly 700 vehicles. Later, however, the company discovered that the recall would have to be expanded to about 5,000 vehicles on the market.

Soon after, a dealer who was making the repair noticed that the replacement throttle pedal arm also broke. After investigating the breakage, it was discovered by Aston Martin that the supplier in China that was providing the parts used a counterfeit material in its manufacture. More than 1,000 repairs had already been made with the faulty part. These vehicles will need to be brought back into the dealership for servicing, and the nearly 4,000 cars that have not been serviced yet must still receive the replacement part.

A defective part, particularly on an automobile, can be very dangerous if not repaired quickly. If a negligent manufacturer is at fault, those injured by the product could have a claim against them for any harm incurred. This could include personal injury and property damages as well as lost wages and other consequential damages. An attorney who has experience in product liability cases may be able to help evaluate the situation and institute a lawsuit against the product manufacturer.

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