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May 2014 Archives

Asbestos exposure a reason for concern for Ohio women

When many women think about cancer, their first thought is generally breast cancer. While breast cancer is certainly a valid concern and the cause of death for numerous women every year, lung cancer is in fact responsible for killing more Americans than any other cancer. Lung cancer causes are most often attributed to smoking or second-hand smoke, but Ohio patients found to have lung cancer should consider other causes, such as asbestos exposure.

Seeking justice for fatal car accidents in Ohio

Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident can cause overwhelming grief and pain for surviving family members. Unfortunately, these car accidents that claim far too many lives occur quite frequently in Ohio and across the nation. Incidents like this typically leave family members not only seeking answers as to why the crash happened, but wanting justice for their loved ones as well.

Some car accidents result in serious injuries to Ohio residents

While thankfully, the majority of car accidents that occur primarily result in property damage and either no or minor injuries, there are some with more severe consequences. These car accidents are responsible for serious injuries being suffered by those involved and all that comes with it, including massive medical bills, loss of wages due to time needed to recover and rehabilitation treatments, just to name a few. A recent accident, reported to be a pretty nasty crash, in Ohio sent six people -- including the driver suspected of being responsible -- to the hospital with injuries.

Head-on car accidents in Ohio often have tragic results

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, 330 accidents have been investigated by the agency so far this year. In comparing these figures to those for the same time-frame in 2013, the number of car accidents has increased. For Licking County alone, a recent head-on collision was the fourth fatal accident this year.

Experts fear increase in drug injuries with new painkiller debut

America, as a whole, has seen an increase in not only the number of patients using prescribed painkillers, but in the number of painkillers currently manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. With every new drug that comes out, experts grow increasing concerned about possible drug injuries that may result from their use. Ohio residents, who have suffered injuries related to prescription use, retain the right to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for the damages done.

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