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Hazardous materials transportation accidents a concern in Ohio

According to current data hazmat spills are on the rise nationwide. As it stands, Ohio is leading the country in hazardous materials transportation incidents. In 2013, Cincinnati alone experienced one of these spills a day on average. This is a huge concern for not only officials in Ohio, but the residents who have been or could be negatively affected.

In the past decade, there were 169 major hazmat spills, a total of 94 evacuations, 16 individuals injured and two fatalities. Thousands of minor incidents have also been reported. Currently, it is believed that Ohio is due for a massive hazmat event that could harm hundreds of people.

With the amount of rail lines, highways and a considerably large air freight facility, Ohio is considered a transportation hub. As approximately one in seven individuals live in close proximity to highways, railroads or an airport, these residents face the possibility of experiencing negative effects from the transportation of hazardous materials while traveling and at home. While many of the incidents involving residents are considered minor events, in the past three years more serious accidents have been reported.

These hazmat spills can be devastating physically, financially and emotionally. Ohio residents who have been injured or lost a loved one due to a hazardous materials transportation accident may be entitled to seek legal recourse. Claims can be made against product manufacturers, transportation agencies or others in the supply chain. If successfully litigated, they may result in a monetary judgment, providing financial relief for any losses endured in relation to the incident

Source:, "Hazmat spills on the rise in Ohio", James Pilcher, July 7, 2014

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