Sterile drugs recalled for fear of possible drug injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2014 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Unique Pharmaceuticals has issued a voluntary recall of all sterile drug products that have not expired. This recall was prompted after an inspection of the drug-manufacturing facilities found sanitation issues. It is believed that these sanitation problems could lead to the contamination of products, in turn causing drug injuries to patients. As drugs from this manufacturer are shipped nationwide, patients in Ohio may want to be aware of this situation.

The recall extends to a specific lot of N-acetyl cysteine 20 percent and all other sterile medication products. The FDA is asking all health care providers that have any drugs produced by Unique Pharmaceuticals to not use the product and follow the recall directions. The FDA has also asked Unique Pharmaceuticals to halt the production of sterile compounds until the sanitary issues have been resolved within the facility.

While any drug runs the risk of having side effects, contaminated drugs can result in serious infections, leading to adverse medical events or even death. At this time, no illnesses have been reported in association with these medications. However, anyone who has been administered one of these products is encouraged to call their doctor with any questions.

Drug manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their production practices are sound and that their product is safe for use. If they fail in that, patients suffer. Ohio residents who feel that they have experienced drug injuries associated with Unique Pharmaceutical products may be entitled to compensation. A legal complaint can be filed against the manufacturer and others in the supply chain for any negligence that led up to the injuries.

Source:, “FDA Announces Voluntary Recall of Sterile Drugs From Unique Pharmaceuticals“, , July 28, 2014


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