Fear of drug injuries prompts recall affecting Ohio patients

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2014 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

When problems are suspected with pharmaceutical drugs it is not an uncommon occurrence for a recall to be issued. Recently, Martin Avenue Pharmacy, a company located in the Midwest that produces and supplies medications across the country, has issued a recall of several compounded prescriptions for fears of possible drug injuries. Patients and providers in several states, including Ohio, are reportedly affected by this recall.

This voluntary recall was just recently announced and pertains to multiple compounded drugs that were shipped to patients and healthcare providers in seven different states. Approximately 50 drug formulations are involved in this notice, including anxiety medications, testosterone supplements, pain relievers and fertility drugs. The products in question have various lot numbers and were shipped for use before Aug. 20.

According to recent reports, an FDA inspection of the company’s production facilities garnered concern over some quality control procedures. This is considered a precautionary recall due to a possibility of sterility issues, which could put patients at risk for infection. At this time, no injuries have been reported to the company or the FDA.

Problems with medications can result in otherwise unnecessary medical care and time away from other obligations, often causing the patient both emotional and financial strain. Ohio patients who have suffered from drug injuries while using these or other medications may be entitled to take legal action. Pharmaceutical liability claims can be filed against manufacturers or others in the line of distribution in an effort to achieve compensation for any financial damages encountered. A successfully navigated claim could result in the entry of a monetary judgment for financial losses sustained.

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