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November 2014 Archives

Injury from recalled product may warrant product liability claim

Ohio consumers may not have to look too far to discover a dangerous product, or a story about how a family was affected by a recalled product. Take, for instance, the family that suffered the death of a baby fatally injured by his own baby monitor. Those who have been injured by a dangerous product and are pursuing a product liability claim might be surprised to learn how few recalls ever actually reach consumers. 

Workers exposed to toxic materials need solid legal team

When it comes to providing for themselves or their family, some workers in Ohio are just happy to have a job in light of the recent recession. Unfortunately, not every job takes place in a safe environment. Employers are tasked with protecting workers from being exposed to hazardous or toxic materials, but some employees are left with little to no protection and have to suffer the dangerous side effects.

2 Ohio car accidents, 1 death, multiple injuries

A driver may not have noticed the flashing hazard lights on emergency vehicles when he failed to brake for stopped vehicles on the Ohio Turnpike. The traffic had slowed to a stop for a wreck that had already occurred. Unfortunately, the car accidents combined to result in the death of a woman and serious injuries to others.

Alleged defective air bag manufacturer may face product liability

Advances in technology have helped vehicles evolve from clunky metal rectangles on wheels into the sleek, heavily-protected motor vehicles that most people in Ohio know them as today. Despite these advances, defective safety designs can actually put some motorists at an increased risk for injury in a car wreck. Recent air bag injuries illustrate the hazards of such design flaws, and they may also be the basis for an onslaught of product liability claims.

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