2 Ohio car accidents, 1 death, multiple injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2014 | Car Accidents

A driver may not have noticed the flashing hazard lights on emergency vehicles when he failed to brake for stopped vehicles on the Ohio Turnpike. The traffic had slowed to a stop for a wreck that had already occurred. Unfortunately, the car accidents combined to result in the death of a woman and serious injuries to others.

The single fatality occurred when a truck struck an SUV that was stopped behind the emergency vehicles. The truck, which was hauling two additional vehicles behind it, hit with enough force to wedge the SUV between itself and a fire truck. The SUV caught fire and killed its only occupant, a 27-year-old woman. 

The fire truck subsequently was propelled into a pickup. Finally, the two vehicles that were behind car hauler tipped over and hit two additional vehicles. Multiple people were injured, including two fire fighters who were already on the scene and attending to the first car wreck.

Victims of serious car accidents often have to contend with serious injuries that can put them out of work and inundate them underneath hefty medical bills. In Ohio, victims can seek compensatory damages from a driver that negligently caused their injury, and successfully presented claim may ensure that medical bills, lost wages and other financial damages are compensated. Understandably, fatality victims don’t have the option to seek justice for themselves, and this task usually falls to their loved ones. Families often play an important role in the successful litigation of a wrongful death claim, which can rightfully compensate a victim’s estate for related damages and expenses.

Source: newsnet5.com, “Fatal crash involving fire truck closes Ohio Turnpike in Mahoning County”, Time Rearden and Nikki Ferrell, Nov. 5, 2014


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