Injured police officer could seek personal injury claim

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2014 | Car Accidents

The driver of a vehicle that was pulled over by an Ohio police officer was apparently the only individual not injured in a recent serious car wreck. In Ohio, the law requires that motor vehicles slow their speed and, if possible, move over for stopped emergency vehicles. According to police, a pickup truck driver reportedly failed to do so, and alcohol may have been involved. It is possible that the injured officer might consider pursuing a personal injury claim.

The wreck occurred on a mid-December evening on Interstate 77 where a police officer had initiated a traffic stop. The officer reported that his emergency lights were flashing when a pickup truck, which was possibly speeding, struck the police car. The truck subsequently flipped. 

Both the driver of the pickup and the police officer were transferred to a hospital for treatment of the injuries that they suffered in the wreck. The pickup driver was supposedly not injured too badly and was possibly released from the hospital only a short time later. The officer is reported as being alert, but suffering from bruising.

Ohio authorities closed down the interstate for several hours while they investigated and cleared the scene. If the suspicion of alcohol is correct, the truck driver will likely be facing charges for drunk driving related to the accident. Although criminal charges are not a requirement to pursue a personal injury claim, any evidence that the police obtain in order to charge an individual for a car accident can also be used to help substantiate a personal injury claim. Although this officer is likely eligible to receive workers’ compensation because his injury occurred in the course of his normal work duties, in situations such as this, pain and suffering. as well as emotional injury, can only be compensated through the successful litigation of a personal injury claim.

Source:, “2 people, one a police officer, hurt in crash; I-77 reopened”, Dec. 13, 2014


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