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February 2015 Archives

Toxic materials cited as probable cause of man's fatal cancer

Employers in Ohio are responsible for taking all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure that workers are cared for and protected while on the job. When corners are cut or safety steps are skipped, some workers could be at risk for exposure to hazardous or toxic materials. These types of exposures can subsequently lead to significant or even fatal medical conditions in workers.

Wreck victims should understand their personal injury options

Motorcycles can be both fun and practical means of transportation for many people in Ohio. Whether for getting to and from work or for joy riding, the appeal of the motorcycle can be hard to miss. Sadly, a motorcyclist is also at higher risk for suffering a catastrophic personal injury or even a fatal injury in an accident. 

Victims claim their drug injuries came from popular antibiotic

The drug manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals is standing by one of its highly controversial drugs despite the FDA issuing a black box warning against it. Although black box warning might not be a term that is discussed much in Ohio, the implications are serious. Whether drug injuries have been reported or not, a black box warning is the final step a medication has before it is yanked from the market. 

Residents worried about asbestos exposure from construction

Most people do not need to be told how dangerous asbestos is. Simply mention the possibility of asbestos exposure and many people in Ohio begin to feel on edge and nervous, as most are fully aware of the havoc that the substance can wreak on a person's body. One out-of-state community is apparently feeling unnerved at the revelation that asbestos-contaminated dirt was found near their homes.

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