Residents worried about asbestos exposure from construction

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

Most people do not need to be told how dangerous asbestos is. Simply mention the possibility of asbestos exposure and many people in Ohio begin to feel on edge and nervous, as most are fully aware of the havoc that the substance can wreak on a person’s body. One out-of-state community is apparently feeling unnerved at the revelation that asbestos-contaminated dirt was found near their homes.

As part of a project to expand a local airport, land is being cleared and readied for construction. However, much of the dirt that is being dug up contains the toxin asbestos, which is proved to cause mesothelioma, a deadly cancer. Although the contaminated dirt is being transported to a safe disposal site, those living in a nearby neighborhood remain concerned about its presence. 

Residents are unhappy because no one seems to know how the contaminated dirt ended up on the airport’s property or how long it has been there. One man has pointed out that the mound is mere steps from where his backyard is located. Although the community members have expressed their concern and outrage over the toxic dirt being found near their homes, a spokesman from the airport offered little comfort other than to say that the situation was being handled. The neighborhood is now calling for the ground to be tested for asbestos contamination to ensure the continued safety of those who live in the area. 

It is easy to understand why testing may be an appropriate course of action in this situation. Asbestos exposure is a serious hazard and should not be taken lightly. When Ohio victims discover that their injuries or illnesses are related to an exposure to this toxic substance, they may be assured that they have the right to take legal actions. These actions can be especially beneficial for those who are battling the financial, physical and emotional devastation that asbestos exposure can bring.

Source: CBS Miami, “Asbestos Found In Dirt Concerns Nearby Dania Neighborhood“, Joan Murray, Jan. 26, 2015


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