Wreck victims should understand their personal injury options

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2015 | Car Accidents

Motorcycles can be both fun and practical means of transportation for many people in Ohio. Whether for getting to and from work or for joy riding, the appeal of the motorcycle can be hard to miss. Sadly, a motorcyclist is also at higher risk for suffering a catastrophic personal injury or even a fatal injury in an accident. 

We understand that most motorcycle riders are responsible and follow the rules of the road, including wearing necessary safety equipment while on two wheels. Much of the danger for motorcyclists comes from the larger motor vehicles with whom they share the road. It is not uncommon to hear a driver claim that he or she did not see a motorcycle after striking an innocent rider.

Even when wearing a protective helmet, motorcyclists tend to suffer an array of serious injuries after being struck by another vehicle. Fractures and broken bones in the legs, arms and ribs are common, as are spinal injuries. Some of these injuries can even lead to amputations of limbs, permanent disabilities or even death. Depending on the accident, there is still a risk for catastrophic brain injuries even when a helmet is worn. 

A personal injury from a motorcycle accident is rarely minor, and victims typically face extensive medical care, surgeries and even rehabilitation. We know how injuries, especially amputations or brain injuries, can severely impact a victim’s quality of life or his or her ability to maintain a job. We also are experienced in handling wrongful death claims in the event of a fatal motorcycle accident. When faced with persistent pain and suffering, mountains of medical bills or end-of-life expenses, victims in Ohio and their families are not without options. Our firm has spent years dedicating the full extent of our knowledge and experience to the concerns and needs of our clients.


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