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March 2015 Archives

Drug injuries from generic medication deserve compensation too

Between years of research and development, clinical trials and FDA approval, most patients in Ohio probably feel fairly comfortable taking prescription medication without worrying about possible repercussions. Unfortunately, drug injuries can and do occur, putting victims in difficult positions. Although some victims are able to successfully seek compensation from the manufacturers, there is one sector of consumers who have recently been left out of the right to pursue compensation for devastating injuries. 

Mesothelioma victim blames dozens of companies for cancer

Although some asbestos exposure cases can be traced back to a single company or exposure, other claims are not as well defined. Exposure from companies decades ago can be a complicated matter for Ohio victims. One woman believes that she developed cancer after continual asbestos exposure over several years. 

Product liability claims could follow Blue Bell listeria outbreak

Defective or dangerous products aren't limited to one industry or type of product. Whether it is a poorly designed hand tool or a child's toy coated in paint that contains toxic materials, serious or catastrophic injuries can occur. A recent outbreak of listeria at a hospital was linked back to tainted Blue Bell ice cream, and it might be possible that other cases have gone unreported. Victims who are now aware of where the listeria contamination began may be considering a product liability claim.

Utility worker injured in wreck may file personal injury claim

A utility worker was not even in his vehicle at the time of a catastrophic car wreck that landed him in the hospital, fighting for his life. Although the utility worker may have been on duty at the time of the wreck and would thus be qualified to file for workers' compensation benefits, he also retains the right to file a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the wreck. Although criminal charges are not a prerequisite for pursuing a civil claim, any evidence that Ohio authorities uncover while investigating the possibility of alcohol as a factor could also be used in litigating a personal injury lawsuit.

Victory for teenage victims of asbestos exposure

Gaining work experience and training for future employment can prove invaluable for high school students in Ohio, and, as a result, many students take advantage of programs that offer these benefits. Sadly, not all programs have participants' best interests in mind. A former nonprofit organization was recently slammed with hefty fines by a judge for intentional asbestos exposure.

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