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May 2015 Archives

Lap Band manufacturer named in product liability claim

A childless couple blames Allergan Inc. for ruining all of the progress that they had made with fertility treatments. Allergan is now named as a defendant in a civil suit concerning the alleged defective product that led to the woman's injuries. Although the injury did occur in a medical setting, the defective product was the cause of the injury and not medical professionals or the hospital, making a product liability claim the most appropriate course of action for those in Ohio who have suffered from a similar incident. 

Bill could affect compensation for asbestos exposure victims

A bill that would negatively affect the compensation that asbestos victims receive is currently being considered by Congress despite a recent study showing that annual asbestos related deaths are higher than previous estimates. Ohio victims of asbestos exposure likely understand how important legal recourse can be when fighting illnesses related to that exposure. Any delay could prolong a victim's suffering, which compensation from asbestos trusts is meant to address.

IKEA could face product liability claims over mattress

Ohio parents place an enormous amount of trust in the companies and manufacturers that produce products for their children. From toys to baby formula, most parents simply want what is best and safest for their child. After purchasing what may have initially appeared to be the most appropriate item, it can be devastating to learn that it has been recalled due to serious potential hazards. If injuries do occur because of the defect, it could result in product liability claims against the company.

Is asbestos exposure really that serious?

Asbestos' effectiveness as a fire retardant led it to become a commonly used insulation product in many homes and other buildings in the United States. However, it was not until people began to grow ill from continued exposure that consumers learned of its deadly side effects. Although people in Ohio are now mostly protected from asbestos exposure in newer buildings, there is still a surprising amount of risk in certain areas that can lead to mesothelioma or other serious illnesses. 

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