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June 2015 Archives

Could toxic materials be lurking in your bottled water?

Few things in life may be easier than simply grabbing a bottle of water and tossing it into a lunch box or gym bag for later that day. However, this simple act could potentially be putting many Ohio consumers at risk for contracting a possibly deadly bacterium. Niagara Bottling LLC recently issued a recall of its bottled water products after receiving evidence that there were possible toxic materials in some of its source springs.

BNSF Railway on the line for alleged asbestos exposure

Many asbestos related diseases and illnesses take years and even decades to surface, making it difficult for Ohio victims who no longer work at a place where they were exposed to the deadly substance. However, three men who were formerly employed with the BNSF Railway believe that they know exactly when they wrongly suffered from asbestos exposure, leading to their illnesses. All three have filed a lawsuit against the Railway, claiming that it was negligent when it came to protecting workers. 

Failure to contact patients for recalls can lead to drug injuries

If asked to remember the last time that they heard of a motor vehicle being recalled, most people in Ohio might be able to readily answer. Now, if questioned about the most recent drug recall, many consumers might have trouble recalling a specific case. Unfortunately, an apparent lack of transparency from pharmaceutical companies could be leading to unnecessary drug injuries.

Cell phones surprisingly common cause of car accidents

Cellphones are an ubiquitous part of life for most people in Ohio, but it is how and where some of these cellphones are used that is putting so many people at risk. Car accidents caused by cellphone use is on the rise, and the National Transportation Board has stated that distracted driving is one of the biggest challenges facing drivers today. While victims of car wrecks may not be able to prevent the cellphone use that led to their collision, they can seek out compensation for any serious injuries that they suffered.

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