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July 2015 Archives

Despite health risks, asbestos exposure continues

The debate over asbestos and its negative health effects was closed long ago, yet it continues to make an appearance in multiple industries. When companies insist on the continued use of this deadly material, workers and other innocent bystanders at risk for the medical complications and injuries that accompany asbestos exposure. Every year in Ohio, industry workers are forced to come in contact with asbestos under the guise that it can be incorporated safely.

Antibiotic found to be common cause of drug injuries

While no medication is without its potential risks or side effects, those risks should not be unreasonable. Unfortunately, recent data indicates that cephalosporin medications could lead to serious and painful injuries after only one dose. This discovery might not be that much of a surprise to Ohio patients who suffered drug injuries while undergoing treatment with this class of antibiotics. 

Crayons, other toys caused asbestos exposure

Coloring books, blank sheets of paper and handfuls of crayons are go-to entertainment sources for the vast majority of children in Ohio, and as the new school year looms ahead, many parents are purchasing crayons based upon school supply lists. While crayons might seem like just another innocuous staple of childhood, a recent recall indicates that several brands harbored the deadly toxin asbestos. Asbestos exposure is well known for causing serious illnesses, including cancer and lung disease.

After asbestos exposure, family members seek compensation

The death of a loved one can be an understandably difficult and confusing time, especially when negligent safety standards might have contributed to their cause of death. Descendants and family members of victims of asbestos exposure retain the right to seek justice and compensation on behalf of their loved one. In Ohio, over 1,000 claims from victims' heirs have been filed for asbestos exposure against area rubber and autoworkers.

Product liability suits likely in wake of Essure-related injuries

Most women in Ohio choose what birth control to use based on information about its effectiveness and possible side effects. Unfortunately, some women might not have had all of the necessary information to make an informed choice, leading to potential injuries and -- in some instances -- even death. As the Food and Drug Administration begins to investigate Bayer's permanent birth control Essure, it is possible that some victims will proceed with product liability suits. 

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