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September 2015 Archives

Cancer concerns may be growing for construction workers

The use of asbestos as a building material has long been abandoned for most construction projects, but many older homes and buildings in Ohio still contain asbestos. Whether undergoing renovations or being torn down entirely, these homes can pose a serious risk to construction workers. Asbestos exposure can lead to any number of deadly diseases, including cancer and lung disease.

Asbestos exposure could come from common household products

With all that is currently understood about the toxic substance asbestos, most people in Ohio likely expect that industry regulations would not allow for it to infiltrate mainstream products. In reality, asbestos continues to exist in even common products, many of which are present in family households across the United States. Unfortunately, illness from asbestos exposure could be sparked by some of these products.

Asbestos exposure at schools has parents on high alert

Ohio parents who send their children to school not only expect that they will be provided with a good education, but that they will also be in a safe and protected environment. Some out-of-state parents got a rude awakening when, last school year, asbestos was found lurking in three different schools. Many families are now worried about the lasting aftermath of asbestos exposure, especially in the youngest and most vulnerable student.

Johnson & Johnson allegedly hid Risperdal related drug injuries

The vast majority of people want to understand not only the benefits of a prescription medication, but also the possible side-effects and risks that it can cause. For nearly anyone in Ohio who requires the aid of a prescription medication, this information can play a key role in their overall health management. When a patient or consumer suffers serious or severe drug injuries from an undisclosed health risk, the outcome can be devastating.

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