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Johnson & Johnson allegedly hid Risperdal related drug injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

The vast majority of people want to understand not only the benefits of a prescription medication, but also the possible side-effects and risks that it can cause. For nearly anyone in Ohio who requires the aid of a prescription medication, this information can play a key role in their overall health management. When a patient or consumer suffers serious or severe drug injuries from an undisclosed health risk, the outcome can be devastating.

While most individuals would like to think that the pharmaceutical companies have consumers’ best interests at heart, the reality is that these companies are also focused on their bottom line financially. This can lead to dangerous situations for patients, such as concealing certain side effects of a medication in order to keep it on the market. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson, was recently accused of hiding the effects Risperdal on boys.

Although Risperdal is an antipsychotic medication, its use for treating aggressive behavior in autistic individuals is widely accepted. Known risks include a possible movement disorder or weight gain, but most physicians carefully weigh the potential for such adverse effects against a patient’s needs. However, because of Risperdal’s ability to increase the production of prolactin — a hormone responsible for milk production in mammals — approximately half of young autistic boys who were taking the medication experienced breast enlargement.

Johnson & Johnson allegedly managed 44 different published studies in an effort to promote the use of Risperdal, and the breast enlargement effect in males was apparently purposely kept out of these publications. Without this piece of vital information, patients and practitioners alike were left unable to make a fully informed decision. Even minor drug injuries can leave a lasting impact on victims in Ohio, and sometimes the full effects may need extensive medical treatment for years to come. While the cost of this care can usually be addressed with a successfully litigated pharmaceutical liability claim, many victims also value the sense of justice that may be achieved.

Source: Forbes, “Janssen Pharmaceuticals Accused of Hiding Risperdal’s Breast Effects In Boys“, Emily Willingham, Aug. 29, 2015


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