Cholesterol-lowering statins linked to drug injuries in patients

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2015 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Statins are some of the most popularly prescribed medications in America, with millions of people in Ohio and across the country taking this medication daily in order to help lower their cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is well understood to increase the chance of suffering serious health afflictions like a stroke or heart attack, but taking medication to lower those levels might be doing more harm than good. Drug injuries associated with statin use is beginning to surface, with those affected suffering from an astronomically high risk of death.

Although lowering cholesterol levels is a good step toward reducing the chances of suffering from a heart attack, it is by no means a guarantee against one. Even after bringing cholesterol back down to a healthy level, many people still go on to suffer heart attacks. However, the statin medication that was initially used to help can be especially deadly in this situation, as cholesterol-lowering medication actually tanks a person’s chances at surviving the heart attack and its aftermath.

Roughly half of all people who experience heart attacks have totally normal and healthy cholesterol levels. Moreover, those with the lowest LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides — which statin medication lowers — experienced some of the highest increases in fatalities. Many experts in the field of health care and medication are now questioning the validity of statin medication and whether it is truly an appropriate choice for most patients.

Drug injuries can be especially devastating for patients as further medical care and additional medical bills are often piled on top of serious pain and suffering. Pharmaceutical companies are charged with maintaining the safety and efficacy of their products and, when they fail to do so, can be held legally and financially responsible for the damages. Although some patients in Ohio tend to feel apprehensive about embarking on a legal claim while trying to recover, many victims discover that true recovery can be especially difficult if not impossible without the right compensation.

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