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November 2015 Archives

Asbestos exposure crimes lead to $400,000 restitution order

Asbestos exposure in industrial settings such as shipyards, old schools, houses, public buildings and auto repair shops can cause mesothelioma. Asbestos dust can accumulate on the lining of the lungs and cause respiratory illnesses. In extreme cases, it can be malignant and form cancer around the linings of the heart and abdomen. Although short-term exposure can be life-threatening, it can also take many years for mesothelioma to develop. For this reason, laws regulating asbestos exposure exist at the federal and state levels, including in Ohio.

Have you suffered from drug injuries in Ohio?

Ohio residents who purchase pharmaceuticals have the right to expect that the products they are using have been tested and approved for safety. In some incidents, people have suffered drug injuries after using defective products. Such an injury can range from mild to tragic, with some dangerous products resulting in death to those who have used them.

Suffering from asbestos exposure? We can identify the source

There is no question as to the serious and devastating health effects that asbestos can wreak on people's health. Linked to a number of fatal cancers and diseases, the toxic substance should only be handled when necessary and under the guidance and protection of all possible safety features. Sadly, what should happen is not necessarily what does happen, and demonstrating just where and when the wrongful exposure occurred can be a trying ordeal. We have helped many asbestos exposure victims in Ohio successfully prove the source of their exposure while helping them seek compensation for resulting injuries.

Pharmaceutical litigation could follow EpiPen recall

Food and even some environmental allergies pose a life-threatening risk to those who suffer from them. Epinephrine injectors -- commonly referred to as EpiPens -- are often the first line of defense when a person begins to experience an anaphylactic reaction. However, a defect in a commonly used brand of EpiPen put people in Ohio and across the country in serious danger of not receiving their medication in the event of an allergic reaction, and could possibly lead to an onslaught of pharmaceutical litigation.

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