Toxic materials discovered in several Michaels’ products

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2016 | Products Liability

Ohio residents with certain illnesses or compromised immune systems can be seriously harmed when in the presence of mold. For these individuals, maintaining mold-free homes is especially important. However, it is possible that the cleanliness of mold-free homes might have been compromised by toxic materials found on craft items from the popular craft store Michaels.

Michaels reportedly discovered that three of its popular items — artificial poinsettias, holiday wreaths and holiday cardboard boxes — were contaminated with aspergillus mold through routine testing. The store then reported its finding to the Consumer Product and Safety Commission before initiating a recall. The store has since yanked any of the remaining products from its store shelves and requested that customers bring the affected items back to the store in exchange for a full refund.

While Michaels’ prompt action on the matter is notable, many of these holiday items were likely in people’s homes for quite some time. Furthermore, any of the holiday items that were packed away in attics or storage rooms could have cross-contaminated other items, leading to additional spread and culmination of the mold. Because of this, experts have cautioned that these products should be gotten rid of as quickly as possible.

Small amounts of innocuous mold might not otherwise be a huge health risk, but when immunocompromised individuals come into contact with dangerous products, serious injuries can occur. No consumer in Ohio should have to worry about purchasing items that are contaminated with toxic materials like mold, but this situation is a potentially devastating reality for many people. A product liability claim is typically a victim’s best chance for legal and financial recourse when dangerous or defective products cause real and serious harm.

Source: NBC Montana, “Michaels recalls artificial poinsettias, holiday boxes due to mold”, Montana MaClachlan, Feb. 17, 2016


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