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March 2016 Archives

FDA alert: Powdered gloves pose risk

Health professionals in Ohio wear latex surgical gloves in order to protect both themselves and patients during a variety of procedures and examinations. These staples of safety have long been employed in hospitals and other medical institutions, but the Food and Drug Administration claims that they might pose more risk than previously realized. The FDA is now moving to ban the powdered version of surgical gloves in order to protect a greater number of patients.

Scientists say cancer risk, length of asbestos exposure related

No level of asbestos exposure is believed to be safe, but how long the exposure lasts can have a profound influence on the risk of falling ill. A new study finally uncovered evidence and data to support the long-held hypothesis that the length of time a person is employed in an asbestos-related field is directly related to a person's chance of developing cancer. Mesothelioma is an especially fatal form of cancer that is caused by asbestos, and it continues to affect Ohio workers.

Asbestos exposure still a significant risk in Ohio schools

Parents in Ohio typically expect their children's schools to provide safe and healthy environments that foster learning. Sadly, some of that trust might be misguided. Asbestos exposure is a real and ongoing risk to students and staff in schools all across the United States of America.

Businessman admits he exposed workers to cancer causing asbestos

Few people -- if any -- can claim ignorance when it comes to the dangers of asbestos. With the real-life impact of asbestos as well understood as it is, some people in Ohio might be under the impression that asbestos-related cancer and other illnesses is a thing of the past, something with which only older generations have to deal. The jarring reality is that many employers still put their workers at risk for asbestos exposure, and some of them do it knowingly.

Johnson & Johnson responsible for toxic materials in baby powder

For as far as science and technology has helped advanced humanity, it can still be decidedly difficult to decipher just how much of a threat certain products pose. Most Ohio consumers assume that the products they purchase and then bring into their homes are safe, but despite safety protocols those assumptions could be misguided. Johnson & Johnson was recently blamed for the death of a woman suffering from ovarian cancer that she claimed was caused by toxic materials in its product.

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