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April 2016 Archives

Ongoing asbestos exposure serious concern for university faculty

Most Ohio workers understandably expect to be taken seriously when reporting concerns related to toxic substances in their workplace. Unfortunately, not all employers take reports from worried employees earnestly, putting the entire workforce at continued risk of asbestos exposure. In many instances, workers who voice asbestos concerns risk having their continued employment threatened or cut short.

Food and Drug Administration blamed for ongoing scope use

Despite safeguards that are supposed to prevent defective medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs from ever reaching the general public, dangerous products continue to sneak through quality control. It is not unreasonable to expect the Food and Drug Administration to act in a timely manner once these dangers are discovered, yet it is, apparently, not adhering to its responsibility to Ohio consumers. Inaction by the FDA has reportedly resulted in patients being repeatedly exposed to dangerous bacteria.

Family reeling after multi-car accidents killed 3, injured 1

A fatal accident left a family that had been gathered only hours beforehand in mourning. After attending an out-of-state family get together, an Ohio couple was hit and killed by a wrong-way driver. Head-on car accidents tend to be especially dangerous and can cause far greater damage and injuries than other types of wrecks.

Ohio EPA says asbestos exposure might have occurred in fire

Field and other wild fires certainly raise concern in the community, but that concern is typically geared toward protecting people, homes and nearby wildlife. A recent field fire in Ohio put the local community on much different alert. Local Environmental Protection Agency investigators were dispatched to the extinguished field fire in order to determine if asbestos exposure had occurred.

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