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May 2016 Archives

Bipartisan bill could help limit asbestos exposure

It is not often that positive news regarding asbestos makes national headlines, but overwhelming support for a new bill could mean better safety regulations for the future. After receiving bipartisan support, the bill only needs to pass Congress and then be signed by the President. It aims to expand protection against asbestos exposure to more communities and families.

Product liability news: air bag recall expanded

By now most drivers in Ohio have already heard of the Takata air bag recall that has made both local and national headlines. What started as nearly 29 million air bags in need of replacement just ballooned by another 40 million, putting an even greater number of motorists and their passengers at serious risk for injury or even death. When toxic or hazardous materials create dangerous situations, victims often feel as though fines levied against manufacturers are not sufficient for addressing the full extent of the damage, and some pursue product liability suits.

Few contractors actually pay fines for worker asbestos exposure

There is no denying the dangers that asbestos poses to the health and well-being of everyone exposed to it. Ohio workers tasked with safely removing the toxic substance are especially at risk for contracting deadly disease -- such as mesothelioma -- months and even years after the initial exposure. Still, with all of this knowledge, some employers continue to knowingly put people in unnecessarily risky positions by failing to alert them to asbestos exposure.

Automobile accidents: Teen killed in Ohio crash

The issues that can arise after a car accident may leave individuals feeling overwhelmed about where to turn for help. If automobile accidents result in the death of an individual, knowing what options are available could seem even more vital to the surviving family. One family in Ohio may be looking into certain legal options after recently losing a loved one.

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