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June 2016 Archives

Popular anti-nausea medicine linked to drug injuries

Prescription medication has the power to change a person's life for the better. With the right medication, a patient can experience less pain and injury and can even have a more fulfilling life. Most physicians in Ohio prescribe medications to patients who they believe can benefit from its use, but few are aware of the serious risks and drug injuries associated with certain prescription drugs.

Driver could face personal injury claims after terrifying wreck

A single-vehicle wreck ended in tragedy for four people in Ohio. At least one passenger was killed in the car accident, while three others suffered injuries. A fourth person escaped unscathed, and police are currently still investigating what might have led up to the accident. No charges have been filed as of yet, but the lack of criminal allegations does not mean that victims will be unable to pursue personal injury claims if necessary.

Industry covered up dangers of asbestos exposure

The general public only became aware of the toxic nature of asbestos in recent decades, but what about the executives in the industry? As it turns out, they were well aware of just how dangerous asbestos exposure was long before anyone else in Ohio. Despite this knowledge, they continued to put innocent workers and bystanders in dangerous and volatile situations.

Prince's death shines light on fentanyl's drug injuries

Prescription medication safety sounds as if it should be a rather straightforward matter. If a drug is both effective and unlikely to cause harm to the patient when taken as prescribed, many people in Ohio perceive it to be a safe medication. However, dangerous medication and drug injuries are far more complex than this, which was recently demonstrated by the fentanyl-related death of pop singer Prince.

$5 million verdict reinstated for asbestos exposure

Laws and regulations surrounding asbestos use are rapidly evolving to protect workers and families like never before, but many people are still experiencing the aftermath of a less-regulated period of time. Decades in the past, even when the toxic effects of asbestos exposure were well understood, regulations were not always sufficient for protecting people. A family outside of Ohio was recently awarded millions for those past failings.

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