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July 2016 Archives

Workers claim county officials not handling asbestos exposure

Ohio workers in the construction industry typically understand that asbestos is no laughing matter. These and other workers rely on their employers and other responsible officials to be open and truthful when dealing with issues of possible exposure. Unfortunately, even when qualified crews are brought in to clean up the toxic materials, concerns about asbestos exposure remain.

Asbestos exposure might have occurred at Ohio high school

A burst pipe led to an unsettling discovery at one Ohio high school. An untold number of students could suffer from asbestos exposure after the toxic substance was discovered in the school building. Cancer and other asbestos-related diseases typically take a significant amount of time to develop, and students who recently attended the school might not be aware of the full effects of the exposure.

Hazardous materials blamed for hoverboard explosions

Hoverboards recently became one of the hottest new toys in tech, but some consumers did not realize just how hot their new gadgets would turn out to be. Over half a million hoverboards are involved in a recent recall called for by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Those affected by the recall apparently have a propensity to overheating, catching fire and even exploding. The large size of the lithium-ion batteries used in these products are the hazardous materials leading to these dangers.

Janitor awarded damages for asbestos exposure

Ohio parents expect their children's schools to be safe environments in which students can be educated without worry of injury or illness. This is almost certainly a reasonable expectation, but school administrators sometimes take actions that further jeopardize students, teachers and other workers. At one out-of-state school, a janitor was even discharged from her position after alerting school officials to a serious asbestos exposure problem.

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