Workers claim county officials not handling asbestos exposure

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

Ohio workers in the construction industry typically understand that asbestos is no laughing matter. These and other workers rely on their employers and other responsible officials to be open and truthful when dealing with issues of possible exposure. Unfortunately, even when qualified crews are brought in to clean up the toxic materials, concerns about asbestos exposure remain.

An out-of-state construction crew voiced their concerns regarding multiple possible exposures at a single work site. While performing necessary renovations on their county’s morgue, worries over asbestos halted construction on more than one occasion. An outside crew was ultimately brought in to clean up any remaining asbestos, but the concern did not end there.

Workers continued to find additional areas that were very likely still contaminated with asbestos fibers after work at the morgue restarted. Crews also discovered asbestos in other buildings undergoing renovations in the same area. However, other than the initial attempt to clean up the asbestos at the morgue, workers claim that city officials have not taken any serious or definitive action in order to have the asbestos safely removed.  A spokesperson from the county claims that they are looking into the issue.

Asbestos exposure comes with a litany of lifelong implications, including lung disease and the fatal cancer mesothelioma. Because of these possibilities, it is imperative that workers’ concerns be taken seriously and then addressed in a timely manner. Any failure to do so could ultimately prove to be devastating for the employees in Ohio who must operate in potentially toxic environments. When employer or governmental inaction leads to workers developing one of the many asbestos-related diseases, victims can take action through the civil courts in order to pursue just compensation.

Source:, “Shelby County Workers Claim Exposure To Asbestos”, Tish Clark, July 22, 2016


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