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August 2016 Archives

Ohio vehicle accidents claim more lives so far this year

Few in Ohio will disagree that traffic seems to be getting worse. Some complain that driving is often treacherous at certain times of the day and that motor vehicle accidents seem to be getting more deadly as speeds on highways increase. Those who have suspected these things now have facts to back them up.

Food and Drug Administration: Misclassified patient deaths

People suffering from chronic conditions may be excited to learn of a new product that offers relief. After hearing that the medical device has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, they may feel confident that the product is safe. However, each year consumers in Ohio hear reports of FDA approved medical products that have caused deaths. Even more disturbing is that sometimes thousands of people become victims of these defective devices before changes are made.

Personal injury, death derail high school team's competition

A group of Ohio high school athletes were en route to an athletic competition when a fatal accident stopped them in their tracks. The driver of their vehicle was apparently responsible for the wreck in which several suffered serious injuries and at least one teenager was killed. Although it does not appear as if any legal action has been taken yet, personal injury and wrongful death claims are common in the aftermath of serious car accidents.

Shipyard blamed for lead, asbestos exposure in workers

Because of its once prevalent use in all manners of building, it is not always easy to know beforehand when a construction or worksite is plagued with the toxic substance known as asbestos. However, once Ohio employers are made aware, all necessary efforts should be taken to protect workers who will be in the vicinity. A shipyard that failed to do so was recently hit with a proposed penalty of nearly $1.4 million after many of its workers were unjustly subjected to asbestos exposure.

Seeking justice when toxic materials cause personal suffering

Along with man's progression in the modern world has come some not-so-good situations as well. Factories, chemicals, technology and other factors of progressive living have exposed millions of people in various regions to all sorts of toxic materials. When consumers in Ohio are injured by toxic products, they may seek justice by filing products liability cases in civil court.

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