Seeking justice when toxic materials cause personal suffering

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Products Liability

Along with man’s progression in the modern world has come some not-so-good situations as well. Factories, chemicals, technology and other factors of progressive living have exposed millions of people in various regions to all sorts of toxic materials. When consumers in Ohio are injured by toxic products, they may seek justice by filing products liability cases in civil court.

Kelley Ferraro, LLC, have successfully represented clients against manufacturers, suppliers and distributors when products have exposed them to toxic fumes or other serious risks. Many of those injured were harmed by asbestos, fumes from welding rods, and silica. Regardless of what type of product led to your injury, we can investigate the situation and begin building a strong cases against anyone identified as a possible liable source.

Injuries from toxic exposure can be very serious, sometimes even causing death. Those who survive are often riddled with pain and disease, beginning a cycle of never-ending doctor visits, time off work and disability. It is understandable that one injured in this way would want to seek restitution in court.

Kidney diseases, tuberculosis and various types of cancer are just some of the many serious complications toxic exposure has wrought upon victims. When a products liability claim is successful, the court can award compensation to a victim harmed by toxic materials. This is often a means to help offset the many expenses associated with the incident. If you have questions regarding any aspect of litigation, you may contact our Ohio office for answers.


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