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September 2016 Archives

Asbestos exposure believed to cause incurable cancers

Mesothelioma is an incurable cancer in the tissues of the lungs and other organs. A diagnosis of mesothelioma means one's family will probably be preparing for the worst. The patient faces the possibility of multiple surgeries, radiation and chemo treatments along with their respective side effects. Mesothelioma and some other cancers are known to result from asbestos exposure, and the state of Ohio is among those that have more than their fair share of suffering.

Food and Drug Administration concerned over study bias

People in Ohio and across the country have been indoctrinated to read labels. They are told that labels on everything from cereal to cigarettes contain important information to help them make educated choices. However, the Food and Drug Administration is following the money trail after a leading pharmaceutical company petitioned to have serious warnings removed from the labels of one of its products. Consumers may now suspect that once trustworthy labels may not be entirely truthful.

Samsung may face product liability for exploding phones

Cell phones are so common that they almost seem like they are part of the human hand. People in Ohio are seldom without them, checking them first thing in the morning and keeping them close by the bed at night. Despite warnings that the batteries may be toxic, many people carry cell phones in their pockets or on their belts. Recently, however, startling reports may have cell phone users rethinking the proximity in which they keep their devices, and others may be considering filing product liability claims.

Asbestos exposure is a real possibility in many school buildings

The dangers of asbestos have been known for decades. In fact, for over a century, researchers have been connecting certain cancers with prolonged asbestos exposure. Nevertheless, the toxic materials remain in many older buildings in Ohio and across the country. Some parents may be shocked to learn that hundreds of thousands of those buildings are schools.

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