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October 2016 Archives

Food and Drug Administration reviewing policies for device makers

Unlike the makers of pharmaceutical drugs, those who manufacture medical devices apparently receive little oversight. Some critics report that the few rules the FDA issues to device manufacturers are often ignored with impunity. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has re-assessed its own policies for evaluating medical devices. Unless changes are made, some fear that patients in Ohio and elsewhere may be at risk when those devices are used as part of their medical treatment.

Homeopathic teething products may contain toxic materials

Foods and medicines often carry warnings if they are potentially harmful to children under a certain age or weight. While careful parents read these labels and avoid unsafe products, this may limit their options when their children suffer from teething discomfort. In some cases, parents in Ohio turn to homeopathic products. Recently, however, some teething products have come under scrutiny for containing potentially toxic materials.

Hazardous materials cause e-cigarette explosions

For many in Ohio who wanted to stop smoking, the e-cigarette was perfect. They could still have the satisfaction of smoking without the danger of using tobacco products. Recently, however, some emergency room doctors have begun sharing stories of patients who received serious injuries from the hazardous materials in personal vaporizers. Health and safety advocates are urging consumers to be cautious with these devices.

Asbestos exposure may wane because of reforms in EPA laws

Significant changes may be coming in the way chemicals are federally regulated, and for many workers in Ohio, this may be a very good thing. Forty years after the passage of the Toxic Substance Control Act, reforms are being enacted which give the federal   Environmental Protection Agency more leeway in restricting certain chemicals. Many hope this will greatly limit the opportunities for deadly asbestos exposure.

Car accidents involving minors teach hard lessons

Sixteen is a young and tender age to learn a brutal lesson about life and death behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death among teens in Ohio and other states. One young woman is recovering from her own injuries and mourning the loss of a friend following a recent accident.

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