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Former students sue for asbestos exposure

While asbestos remains to this day an ongoing problem across the nation, Ohio workers were often exposed decades ago due to fact that many industries used the substance and failed to warn employees of its dangers or provide adequate protection. Years later, those involved often suffer mesothelioma or other cancers related to asbestos exposure and may have grounds to seek compensation to help pay for costly medical treatments and other damages sustained. In another state, some former students are now facing the same fears and are taking school district to trial as a result.

Sixty-one former students are suing the district for asbestos exposure. Reportedly, a decade ago, they participated in a job-training program that exposed them to the material when they renovated buildings laden with asbestos at an old-military base. The students claim they were never provided with proper protection.

The lawsuit seeks full financial accountability from the district for lifelong health care coverage. These preventative health checkups will be necessary due to the fear that the plaintiffs may develop cancer as a direct result of their exposure. A county attorney, on the other hand, argues that the students will have access to necessary health care through workers' compensation should the need arise.

Regardless of the circumstances, if an employer's or company's negligence led to asbestos exposure and subsequent asbestos-related illnesses, individuals in Ohio have the legal right to seek the advice of an attorney. A lawyer with experience in asbestos litigation can provide legal counsel and advise on how best to proceed if it is determined that there are grounds for a lawsuit. In addition to compensation for pain and suffering, any monetary damages awarded can be used toward treatments for any asbestos-related illnesses.

Source:, "Former Central Valley students sue school over asbestos fear", Feb. 6, 2017

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