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March 2017 Archives

Personal injury, wrongful death claims filed against Ohio woman

An Ohio woman was recently indicted by a grand jury on four counts in relation to her involvement in a fatal 2016 car accident. Apart from the criminal charges, she is also facing personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits in civil court. The fatal accident claimed the life of a 68-year-old man. It also caused serious injuries to a passenger.

Couple sues, alleging toxic materials in flooring they purchased

In Ohio and across the United States, companies are required to comply with certain federal safety standards in regard to the products they sell. This includes not only food and medication, but any item with materials or parts that could potentially prove dangerous. To this end, a couple in another state recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that the flooring they purchased contains toxic materials.

NutriBullet involved in product liability suits after explosions

Even if they don't own one, residents of Ohio have most likely at least heard of the kitchen appliance known as the NutriBullet. Touted as being a small but powerful blender useful for making nutritious dishes, the device has become a staple in many health-conscious homes. However, the company that manufactures the device, NutriBullet LLC and several other companies involved with the NutriBullet's sale, manufacture and design are currently involved in a number of product liability suits after several users suffered injuries.

Asbestos exposure not a relic of the past

In Ohio, widespread use of asbestos was common throughout the state due to its high number of factories and industrial manufacturing facilities. While mesothelioma and other illnesses and cancers related to asbestos exposure still surface all the time, the exposure itself often feels like an outdated concern, a worry from before safety regulations were instituted. However, a case in another state shows that, sadly, the risk of asbestos exposure is not necessarily a thing of the past.

Fatal buggy crash could present grounds for personal injury suit

A fatal accident claimed a life on March 3 in Ohio. One woman was killed and three other individuals were injured after a crash involving a car and an Amish buggy. While alcohol is not currently considered to be a factor in the crash, the injured victims and family of the deceased victim may still have grounds for a personal injury and/or wrongful death suit, respectively, depending upon what facts may be uncovered during the ongoing investigation into the accident.

Couple claims asbestos in 3M, Viacom products caused lung cancer

Often, in Ohio, asbestos litigation involves cases of worker exposure due to the material's heavy use in industrial work and factories decades ago. In another state, a couple is making similar claims against a number of companies. A husband and wife are both suing several companies with claims that the companies' negligence in regards to asbestos-containing products led to the man's development of lung cancer.

Pharmaceutical litigation case claims medication mix-up

If Ohio is like the rest of the nation, many of its residents are on at least one prescription medication. Millions of people across the United States rely on their pharmacists to get them the medication they need. However, in a recent case of pharmaceutical litigation, a woman in another state is claiming that just the opposite occurred.

Are you at risk for a deadly disease caused by asbestos?

In the U.S., Ohio leads in the production of rubber, plastics and metal products. While this industry has many benefits, there are also risks. Because these products are manufactured using insulation and fireproofing, many people have been exposed to asbestos across the state.

Major auto companies accused in air bag product liability lawsuit

In a massive breach of consumer trust that affected not just residents of Ohio but individuals across the nation, an overseas manufacturer has been selling faulty automobile airbags despite knowing that doing so could -- and did -- result in injury and death. The company, Takata, reached a deal in early 2017 with the U.S. Department of Justice, in which it agreed to pay $1 billion in fines and restitution to accident victims and automakers; Takata entered a guilty plea in the criminal case, hoping to bring the ongoing investigation to a close. However, court documents filed only recently in the civil product liability lawsuit begun in 2015 against Takata now allege that five auto companies may have been more involved and aware than was initially believed.

Product hazards don't threaten just people, but pets, too

People in Cleveland and across Ohio love their pets. There are special bonds that form between owner and companion dog or cat. To the extent it's possible, especially where dogs are concerned, we try to incorporate them into our everyday activities. When it comes to feeding time, however, experts agree that it's wise to draw the line.

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