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Product hazards don’t threaten just people, but pets, too

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Products Liability

People in Cleveland and across Ohio love their pets. There are special bonds that form between owner and companion dog or cat. To the extent it’s possible, especially where dogs are concerned, we try to incorporate them into our everyday activities. When it comes to feeding time, however, experts agree that it’s wise to draw the line.

Cats and dogs have many of the same nutritional needs as people, but pet food manufacturers aren’t subject to the same regulatory oversight as companies producing food for human consumption. Considering that, and how often humans suffer illness or death from tainted food, it should come as no surprise that hazardous products find their way into our dog and cat menus. When illness or death results, the anguish you suffer is bound to be on a par with that of any loved one. 

That concern appears to be why an Illinois-based dog food supplier recently issued a voluntary recall of one of its products. The recall covers 15 states, including Ohio. The product involved is Hunk of Beef dog food offered by Evanger’s.

The recall follows the death of one dog and the sickening of at least five others. According to a company statement, it’s been determined that ingredients used in the product made during one week of June 2015 may have been tainted with pentobarbital. That’s a drug used for euthanizing animals.

Evanger’s says it has learned from its own probe that while this drug is highly controlled, there is no regulation in place to ensure that product from animals put down using it is kept out of the pet food chain.

Lack of regulation does not necessarily free a manufacturer from liability when a product causes harm. Whether a case exists to seek compensation when such things happen is something to discuss with a skilled attorney. 


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