Pharmaceutical litigation suit tackles secondhand testosterone

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2017 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Whether they live in Ohio or anywhere else in the nation, patients have no choice but to trust that they have been given all the facts when a doctor prescribes a medication. Many prescriptions drugs have dangerous side effects or potential hazards, so it’s important for a patient to be aware of these before he or she decides whether to even take the drug. In a recent case of pharmaceutical litigation in another state, however, a family is suing for damages after a man’s prescription medication resulted in numerous medical problems for his wife and children.

The man and his wife filed a lawsuit claiming that when the doctors at Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine prescribed a bio-identical hormone therapy replacement cream, they failed to warn the 51-year-old man of the serious risks to women and children who come into contact with patients using the prescription. In addition to the Akasha Center and its physicians, the suit also names the Great Earth Compounding Pharmacy as a defendant. For alleged fraud and misrepresentation, negligence and breach of warranty, the family is seeking unspecified damages.

Court records indicate that physicians prescribed the medication to the man in April 2014. He began taking the product as prescribed, but it was not until about two years later that he realized the severe medical problems from which his family had begun suffering were apparently linked to his prescription. The prescription had serious risks, which the man claims doctors never informed him of, even though federal regulators began warning of the dangers of children’s exposure to testosterone as early as 2009. The couple’s young daughter and son, aged five and 10, both developed precocious puberty with a host of other related serious medical problems, including aggressive behavior and more. Additionally, the man’s wife had to undergo a premature hysterectomy as an alleged result of her exposure.

The future of the family’s health is uncertain at this point. Any Ohio individuals who have likewise suffered drug injuries may benefit from seeking the counsel of an attorney with experience in pharmaceutical litigation. A lawyer who has represented similar cases would be able to fight hard for the justice and compensation the injured client deserves.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Dad Claims Kids’ Exposure To Testosterone Cream Led To Early Puberty“, April 21, 2017


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