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June 2017 Archives

Study finds hair dyes contain potentially hazardous materials

Many Ohio consumers use a vast variety of beauty and hygiene products on a daily basis. Alarmingly, a recent study reveals that a number of these products may contain hazardous materials. In fact, the data reveals a possible link between hair dye and breast cancer.

A moment of carelessness in Ohio may lead to fatal car accidents

Often, automobile crashes are the results of factors like poor road conditions or a seemingly unavoidable series of events. Other times, though, car accidents are caused by nothing more than a few seconds of carelessness on the part of a driver. Sadly, as in a recent fatal accident in Ohio, these incidents of momentary negligence sometimes come with very high consequences.

Suit alleges pharmaceutical companies liable for drug injuries

In Ohio and across the nation, patients have the right to be fully informed about any medications they are prescribed so that they can make sound decisions about their own health. In another state, a man has recently filed a pharmaceutical litigation lawsuit in federal court regarding the drug injuries he suffered. The patient names a number of pharmaceutical companies as defendants, alleging product liability and negligence.

Former CSX employee suing after asbestos-related cancer diagnosis

Ohio has an unfortunately high incidence of asbestos-related illness due to the use of hazardous materials in manufacturing. Those in others states, however, are sadly not free from the risk either. In fact, a maintenance worker in another state is suing a railway company after, he alleges, the employer's alleged negligence resulted in his cancer.

Product liability suit alleges dangerous medical device design

Ohio patients who go in for surgery place their trust in the medical system to make their health better, not worse. A recently filed product liability lawsuit in another state alleges that a medical device did just that, however. A patient is seeking justice and compensation after a surgically implanted Celect® Retrievable Inferior Vena Cava Filter (IVC Filter) injured him.

Pharmaceutical litigation surrounding Abilify continues to grow

Aripiprazole, marketed under the brand name Abilify, has been prescribed around the world to treat mood disorders. In fact, with tens of thousands of prescriptions written every year, odds are that a number of patients in Ohio may have taken the drug. Complaints about the medication have been emerging slowly over the last decade, and now, pharmaceutical litigation surrounding Abilify has grown to nearly 200 lawsuits.

Ohio personal injury suits can help with financial strain

When a car accident leaves a child injured, the last thing on the minds of most parents is the cost of any life-saving medical treatments. They are simply grateful that their children survived. However, the reality of the matter is that, in the aftermath of an accident and all the resulting medical care necessary, the health care bills can be astronomical. It is in situations like these that a personal injury lawsuit may prove not only beneficial but almost essential.

Asbestos litigation can provide compensation for cancer deaths

The state of Ohio does have an unfortunately high number of deaths resulting from exposure to asbestos. Sadly, it is a problem that stretches across the country. In another state, a woman recently filed a lawsuit after her husband's death from lung cancer related to asbestos exposure. In the complaint, the woman names a total of 136 companies she claims are responsible.

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