Asbestos litigation can provide compensation for cancer deaths

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2017 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

The state of Ohio does have an unfortunately high number of deaths resulting from exposure to asbestos. Sadly, it is a problem that stretches across the country. In another state, a woman recently filed a lawsuit after her husband’s death from lung cancer related to asbestos exposure. In the complaint, the woman names a total of 136 companies she claims are responsible.

The asbestos litigation suit was filed after the woman’s husband passed away from cancer in April 2015, which she claims was due to his exposure to and inhalation of asbestos dust and fibers. The man was employed first at Ashland Inc., then worked in remodeling, drywalling and home construction for several different employers. Eventually, he worked at a coal mine. Throughout the course of his work for these various companies, it is alleged that he was repeatedly exposed to the asbestos that eventually resulted in his fatal illness.

The plaintiff claims that all of the employers failed to advise her husband of the hazards of the asbestos with which he worked daily. The complaint goes on to allege that the defendants omitted or failed to provide the man with the necessary knowledge or sufficiently protective apparel and equipment that could have helped guard him against the toxic material. Nor did the defendants exercise reasonable care or take precautions to utilize or enforce a plan for the safe handling or installation of asbestos, the lawsuit claims.

The plaintiff seeks both punitive and compensatory damages. Any residents of Ohio who have similarly suffered the loss of a family member due to lung cancer or other illness related to asbestos exposure might benefit from consulting an attorney with experience in asbestos litigation. While a lawsuit cannot wipe away the tragedy that has already occurred, a successfully presented case may result in a monetary judgment for the damages sustained, including for medical bills, funeral costs, loss of income and loss of consortium. 

Source:, “Woman names 136 companies in asbestos suit“, Kyla Asbury, May 24, 2017


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